Something About Puppy Mills


A reason to not buy from a puppy mill…


Thank you for thinking of me. We actually picked up a puggle girl named Koda. We drove to Alabama to get her at the end of July. The breeder was terrible. She had every kind of fecal worm imaginable, ringworm, and giardia. And now she has demodex mange, which is basically gone now – thank God.

She is so adorable though, and very smart. And we love her dearly. A photo is attached if you are interested. If we decide to get her a puggle friend, we will contact you. We do regret not going with your puggles, and we recommend people to you whenever they ask about breeders. Because ours was a fly-by-night, backyard breeder.

Price and location was our deciding factor. She was $800 and a closer drive. But with all the money we’ve spent on vet bills for Koda, we could have spent $1600 for a healthy puppy from you. A lesson has been learned, but she’s our baby and we’ll help her get healthy.

Take Care,


Beige puggle puppy

Glad to see Koda is getting better!! He is one of the lucky ones!! We hear so many horror stories all the time but people have to realize that it’s not just the breed puggles. It’s puppies in general coming from puppy mills. I don’t understand how people can treat an animal so cruely, use them just for a profit, then get rid of them when they are too weak to even move. It’s heartbreaking to see how many dogs and puppies die from this. I treat all my dogs like people. They all live inside, get fed the best food, and get plenty of attention from me and my kids. They get toys, treats, and are taken for regular vet visits. They are constantly handled and played with. Our puppies have such great personalities and you’ll be able to tell just by visiting. Raise your hand to one of them, they’ll lick you because they’re not afraid. They won’t cower like most dogs. They are not mistreated in any way. No mother dog will ever live a hard life with me. They are only bred once a year and are fixed after four years. We then find homes for them so they can live out their lives with a new loving family.
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