Puggles in their New Homes!

Here are some puppies after they’ve been taken home and feedback from those who have bought from me.

Hope all Is well! My boyfriend and I came to you 2 years ago and took him a baby puggle we named him Jackson. We love him so much he is the best dog, so loving I just wanted to share some photos of him J. Hope all is well, let me know if you receive this email!


Hi Jackie, Thank you! The pictures look great on the web site. We are so thankful that we got Dexter from you. It was exciting enough getting a new puppy, But you made an even better experience. It was great getting to meet you and all of your family, including the furry ones! We just completely love Dexter. He has the biggest personality (more than some people I know!) Everyone just loves him and he just loves to meet people and other dogs. He is very social and a bit of a ham as you can see in his pictures. Make sure you let us know about the Pug pups. Thanks again! You’re the Best.


Skye is doing really well. She is a very clever girl. Although she is still black, you can see some more brown highlights on her 9 lb body. We are crate training Skye. When not in her crate, she rings jingle bells to tell us she needs to “do her business”. Her list of tricks is going fast. She is doing well with sit, come, stay, fetch, down, twirl, crawl, kiss, paw, easy, leave it and off. Skye has an adorable whimper like sound and is full of kisses when she greets us. Her ears are sooo velvety soft and we just love snuggling with her. She has filled our lives with more love, joy and laughter. Skye’s Mommy, Daddy and the family who raised her should be very proud!


It was great to get your call, thanks for checking up on our little one! She’s brought such joy to our lives, we can’t thank you enough for her. She’s sweet, cuddly, and extremely smart (has done great with training). Everyone in our town knows her by now… she’s great with other dogs and kids – they all just fall in love with her. She’s a very healthy 18 pounds – extremely active and agile. Can play fetch with the best of them! We couldn’t love her more, and couldn’t have asked for a better dog. We’ll let you know when we’re ready for another one! Hope you and your family are well.

People in the street stop me to take pictures of Dasha!!!! My friends say “This dog hit Lotto” but I tell them I am the one who hit Lotto!! Dasha is the most amazing dog in the world!!! She is so smart and lovable. Even my mom who really doesn’t like dogs lets Dasha sleep with her and kiss her all over!!

Art, I was planning on sending you an email earlier this week but got sidetracked at work. I’ve attached some newer pictures of Braxton. He is 6 months old and now weighs 19.5 lbs. He is the most affectionate dog I have ever owned. He loves people so much and gets along great with our other dog Sequoia. He is extremely playful and very smart, but can be stubborn at times. We were able to housebreak him (aside from the occasional accident) within 4 and a half months. He is HIGHLY motivated by food/treats. He has been able to learn some basic commands sit, paw, and lay. Words can’t express how happy we are with this little guy. We were very happy to recieve the puggle from you because we knew it came from a reputable breeder and pedigree parentage. thanks again.


Hi Art, As promised, here are some pictures of Jasmine (Jazzy). She is now 21 lbs and full of energy. She’s very healthy and we love her.


I must say, I have never walked into a more warm, friendly and loving family!! You are a lucky man to be surrounded by such wonderful kids, and animals and loving wife who I saw at the top of the stairs. The main reason I picked that sweet , adorable pocket puggle who we will call Gigi is because she has been so loved and touched by wonderful people, and she is used to being around lots of kids and animals. My family life is very similar and I have four sisters of my own, who all have dogs and live near me, ad well as my parents who still have a dog.

Miss Gigi will be very spoiled, very loved and the kids and I are already fighting on who she gets to sleep with. I think I will win because I have dog stairs going up to my bed, plus our beagle sleeps in my bed!!

Thank you for trusting me with her, and please thank your children for trusting me with her as well. She will have a wonderful life, and I am always home and will be with her every second, as well as our children.

We are enjoying our little puggle very much. Our little Chessa is a very happy little girl. And what an appetite! She loves to play with her big brother and sister (our two Labs). She gets a little sad when the kids go off to school though. She looks all over the house for them, and watches the door. Sometimes she comes with me to pick up my son and she gets so excited when she sees all the kids coming out of school. She is totally used to her collar now and she doesn’t even mind her ”Lands End all weather jacket”. It even has her name on it. She wen’t for a walk on her leash the other day for the first time. She wouldn’t walk so we got her big sister to lead and away she went. She is so cuddly! She just loves to sleep on someone, which is not a problem since we’re usually fighting over who gets her. She is sound asleep on my lap as I’m writing this. Anyone could see that she came from a good start in life with the Steffen’s. She is bright and healthy and very well-adjusted. And, we were commenting on how clean she was at your place. The other puggles we looked at were dirty and STUNK! And her sweet and lovable disposition is her best feature of all’ despite her outer beauty. She really has beautiful coloring. And that face! (My husband just came and took her from me). He says it”s his turn. We’re going to have a play date with my friend’s little Bishon soon. She is going to love her! You know, my husband always said he doesn’t like little dogs. I’m laughing because right now he’s got her on his lap and is talking to her like she’s his little baby. My Labs were playing tug of war with eachother earlier and little Chessa was loving it. She was barking and howling at them. It was so funny to hear her bark so much. She has such a cute little voice. Well she will meet more of the family on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day she’ll come with us to my mother-in-laws. My mother-in-law LOVES dogs. And my niece will be there , who is absolutely in love with Chessa. Chessa has her own little stocking hanging right next to Cady’s and Buddy’s. Anyway, that’s it for now. We’ll keep sending pictures. Chessa says “woof”.


We already went shopping for Gigi today!!! She has all new puppy toys, feeding bowls , beds, and pink collars and waiting for her.

Troop is currently 9 months and weights 25 lbs. He has been a great addition to our little family. He loves to play with all of our little nieces and newphews as well as the dogs he gets to run around with at Freedom Park Dog Park. Troop is always Mr. Popular when he goes out. We are complimented all of the time on what a cute dog he is. Thanks for raising such great Puggles!

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