Instructions For Picking Up Your New Puppy

  1. When you come to pick up your Puppy, call to verify time and get directions if needed.
  2. Bring some paper towels and handy wipes and a towel. If you are going to let the puppy sit on your lap you will need a towel, and if the puppy gets car sick or has an accident you will need the other items.
  3. We strongly recommend Black Gold Explorer Puppy Food as this is the brand they are raised on and it is made in America. I have not found a better food source for your puppy.
  4. For flea and tick control we recommend Revolution. It prevents fleas and ticks as well as works as a heart worm prevention for your puppy. It can be obtained from your vet.
  5. If you decide to change its diet (which I do not recommend) your puppy could get the runs and that could be a mess to clean up. When your puppy is older and you still want to change your puppies diet please wait till it is at least 16 weeks old or older. You want to slowly introduce a new diet to a puppy. Switching it completely can be stressful to a puppy and hurt their belly. Start by mixing small amounts of the new food in with the old food then gradually through the weeks, add more.
  6. When your puppy comes home it could have a loose stool for a day or so, do not worry. Your puppy is going to be stressed and has never been away from its brothers and sisters. If it persists or if there is blood in the stool, then you have to be concerned.
  7. Make sure you call your Vet for a check-up and you must also bring a stool sample. Please schedule your vet visit within 5 days of picking your new puppy up.
  8. Do not plan on giving your puppy a bath for at least a week. Bathing a puppy adds to the stress they are already under and may cause your puppy to get sick and get a runny stool.
  9. Do not let your puppy come in contact with any strange dogs/cats/animals or their fecal matter. Until your puppy has all its shots, you do not want to take the chance of it being infected by another animal. Some animals are carriers for major diseases so they may not show signs of being sick but once it comes into contact with your dog, if your dog is not vaccinated, it can catch it.
  10. You can crate train your puppy if you want to, just make sure you buy the correct size. One that is too big, the puppy will go to the bathroom in the cage. One that is too small will cause the puppy stress. I recommend a larger adjustable size cage with a separator in between that can adjust to the size of your puppy as he/she grows.
  11. Your puppy loves Beggin Strips. These are all american made with no outside byproducts. Also, any treats made by Black Gold are good for them as well. You can cut them in pieces and every time your puppy does something right, give him one. Especially if he or she comes when you call or goes to the bathroom outside. MAKE SURE ANY TREATS YOU BUY FOR YOUR DOGS ARE MADE IN AMERICA NOT OUTSIDE THE U.S. There are too many dogs getting sick off imported treats, it’s not worth the risk just to save a few bucks.
  12. Now if for some reason you are worried about your puppy and you are not sure what to do and it is late at night, (I don’t care if it is three o’clock in the morning) call me and I will help you out the best I can. Its better than worrying all night long. 609-560-9647
  13. If for any reason no matter how old your dog is, if you have to give up you pet to an animal shelter because you cannot find a home, call me. An animals health will decline very quickly in a shelter and I cannot have this happen to any of my puppies. I will find a home for them free of charge.
  14. Last but not least, we hope you have a long and happy life with your newest family member. We enjoyed raising them for you and our biggest concern is that you get the right puppy for your family and give them the same care and attention we have given them. We have given them the best of everything and cared for them like they were our own and it seems that almost everyone who has contacted us has done a lot of research and picked us to purchase a puppy. You can be assured that your puppy has only had the best attention and love that we could supply. So let us say Thank You for choosing us and we hope you have a long and happy time with your new puppy you will not find a better friend and companion anywhere else!

Time for the puppies to go to their new homes!!
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