Meet Our Dogs


Our AKC Registered White Pug Stud – Shorty

Shorty and Charlie, my daughter’s brindle puggle

Diesel went to Missouri for vacation with my daughter!

Rocky did some offloading!

Coffee has a new friend!

Coffee is retired since she was three but she still loves swimming and hiking at almost 12 years old!

Her best friend Lilo is the same!

Miley taking a cat nap

Wyatt and Charlie – Wyatt likes to name all the puppies Charlie

Woody got some eyebrows

Wyatt sleeping on Rocky

Coffee, Rocky and Lilo at the park

Scarlett was excited to go outside today

Coffee hiding under a bush away from the puppies

Lilo playing with Wyatt

Rocky with one of our puggles

Rocky with Otis! Can you believe he’s that small and four months old! While Rocky is almost a year and 83 pounds!!

Coffee beans at four months old. Still a baby!

Otis, Coffee and Daisy!!

Nap Time!!

Miss Kitten loves the camera!

Getting ready for Halloween!

Coffee playing with Kitten!

Kitten getting back at her!

Coffee saying she’s had enough!

Playing King of the hill!

Group shot!!

Let’s dig another hole in the yard!

After a long day!

Heading to the mall! Otis at two months!

Daisy and Otis at two months!

Patsy’s ready for her closeup!

One of our baby Pugs
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